Chicago packs so many great things in 1 place!

Chicago is just a short 5 hours from St. Louis, so it wasn't long before we were reunited with our dear buddies from Hessler. Frankie showed us a super rock n' roll time Chicago style, hitting up the Boiler Room for the awesome PB&J (pizza, beer, Jameson!?!)

Hanging with Frankie Snakes from Hessler = SO MANY CURLZZZZ!

before heading to the awesome LiveWire Lounge to catch the legendary Fang. The guys were nice enough to grant us possibly the best interview of the trip before heading back on the road. Dave, the owner/manager, also chatted us up and we got some cool insights into the Chicago scene and the promoter/venue side of the rock'n'roll equation. Then we hit the late night joint The Exit, making classy decisions on the way, including punching the arcade boxing bag and rocking the photobooth.

With Frankie and Dave at LiveWire

With Frankie and Dave at LiveWire

Photo booth!

After a late night whiskey reunion with Erik, we awoke the next day to find the weather not cooperative. The rain and lightning kept us from exploring the city too much, but we enjoyed some slow time with Netflix and ordered some killer deep-dish from Gino's (they use corn meal in the crust...).

Gino's Deep Dish

Once the rain subsided, we tried to hit up the Double Door and catch the Midwest Ska Fest...only to learn we didn't get on the list and probably didn't have permission to film. Instead, we hit up the Logan Square festival with the mighty Igz from Hessler and Brian from The Last Vegas. We arrived to catch the Ween rocking the hell out.

In front of Ween's stage

Afterwards, we hit the town and rocked out with local rock stars all night long. After enjoying roasted pig and amazing views of downtown Chicago, we got our greatest sleep ever in the band room of Hessler and The Last Vegas. This amazing facility has a shower, bathroom and AC in the practice space! We set up the air mattress and slept like rocks with zero sunlight (windows let sound bleed). The next morning was a fun misadventure of looking for keys. Fortunately, Igz is the man, and we solved the mystery (keys were in girlfriends car) and stayed on schedule.

Chicago skyline from the rooftop party!

Farran sleeping tight in the Hessler/the Last Vegas practice space