Detroit Rock City! Then a relaxing stop in Saginaw for family fun

Our trip to Detroit was broken up with a lovely detour to Hillsdale Michigan to visit Derek Spiteri of Hessler and his super kick ass dad, John, who owns Checker Records. We had an excellent interview with a 35 year vet of the recording industry. He found a way to sell records in the face of the internet age in a small market town (one secret is to open up a kick ass coffee shop in conjunction).

John & Derek Spiteri of Checker Records

Coffee-on the house!

With a fresh copy of Airborne's first record and some cool Checker records swag, we headed to Detroit Rock City, to meet up with the ass kicking White Shag. In addition to being a badass super high energy rock band, they are also amazing hosts. Not only did they find us a venue to play at, they also got local stoner rock legends Lava Moth to give us a 15 minute show, all last minute...THEN they let us stay at their rock n' roll pad and gave us tequila! When we woke up the next day, we got to grab a couple EPs and awesome White Shag Swag (super unique DIY style). Laura and Jorge, you guys rule, and Detroit is still a rock city.

Inteview with White Shag

Post-show hanging out with Lava Moth in front of limo

Post-show limo shot with White Shag

2 hours after saying good bye to White Shag, we were saying hello to Farran's family in Saginaw for our first real vacation day. We were greeted with Budweiser, fresh grilled hamburgers and pool side cocktails from Aunt Sue and Uncle Kelly. Not having to film, drive or accomplish anything of note was a nice change of pace from our schedule. We drank and stayed up late enough that Farran was able to totally destroy Ashton and her cousin Jim in MarioKart... something that might not happen again for a while. Ashton got to sleep in while Farran picked up her parents from the airport in The Orange Limo(TM). The rest of the day was a relaxing one filled with good food and fun times with the family.

Big-Ass Burger

With the family in Saginaw