St. Louis....and we finally get a break!

The trip to St. Louis from KC was a welcome change from the "wake up at 7am, drive 8 hours" routine our first 4 dates required. We arrived in St. Louis early, and got to spend some time with our lovely host Jenna who showed us around the town and got our requisite "toasted ravioli" St. Louis treat.

Drinking some St. Louis Beer

Toasted Ravioli...mmmmmm

The filming schedule was our least difficult of all, leaving lots of time to goof off in between sets. The Educated Imbeciles (St. Louis Punk) and Hot Crossed Buns (modern punk) opened up for our first touring band of the journey Ese (Texas rock n' roll).


Ese was not only awesome live, but had a wealth of information about touring and doing rock n' roll the hard way. Our hosts generously rocked with us waaaaay too late, but we happily slept in for the first time on our journey.