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Discovering local rock music across America.

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Our Story

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Music Driven is taking a road trip explore the unsung bands, venues and fans across the country and tell their story.  People have been saying rock is dead since the Beatles, but the genre keeps on moving along. However, in the internet age, a lot of things have changed. Rock doesn't make the money it used to (What record sales?) and big labels aren't reinvesting in musicians that aren't a guaranteed success. Despite all this, people across the country refuse to let rock n' roll die. Right now, there is a kick ass rock band you have never heard of that you might never hear, or a kick ass club in your town you had no idea existed.

Our plan is to hit the road in our Orange '95 Lincoln Town Car Limo with our camera and audio equipment and hit as many cities as we can in our 4 week time frame and find the coolest bands, venues and promoters keeping the dream alive. We would like to video live shows and interview all the people in the scene that makes it tick.

 We can't find every awesome band and club in the country, but we can give a small spotlight into some of them and remind everyone how America still rocks. Maybe we'll get lucky and discover some amazing band that never got a break or some kick ass club that starts the next big scene.. or not. Worst case we'll have a neat look into the independent rock scene of America.  See our route.

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Our Route

Our route is a work in progress as we start to confirm bands and venues to visit, but here is a rough outline of the direction Music Driven is traveling.

Ashton Farran Road Trip | My new trip on!

If you are a band, venue or promoter contact us if we are hitting your city!

Reno, NV 8 / 17 / 14

Flesh Hammers, Seasons of Insanity,

Authmentis, Nuke Vegas

Kansas City, MO 8 / 20 / 14

Arya, Aluna, Uncountable Kings
Star Crows, Grand Villanova

St. Louis, MO 8 / 21 / 14

Ese, The Hot Cross Buns

Chicago, IL 8 / 22 / 14

Hessler, Fang (Oakland Band)

Detroit, MI 8 / 24 / 14

White Shag, Lavamoth

Cleveland, OH 8 / 27 / 14

Diarrhea Planet (Nashville Band)

Atlanta, GA 8 / 30 /14

Kickin Valentina, Asphalt ValentineGhostrain, Novus

Holly McCormack & The Nefarious Souls

Orange Beach, AL 8 / 31 / 14

The Velcro Pygmies

New Orleans, LA 9 / 1 / 14

South Jones

Austin, TX 9 / 5 / 14

Sam Pace, Dead Mockingbirds, Ali Holder

Oklahoma City, OK 9 / 6 / 14

Chateau, Ripple Green

Albuquerque, NM 9 / 7 /14


Phoenix, AZ 9 / 8 / 14

Shilpa Ray, She Keeps Bees (Brooklyn Bands)

Las Vegas, NV 9 / 8 / 14

The Badlands, The Clydesdale

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Ashton & Farran at a festival in San Bernardino to see Iron Maiden, Anthrax, Megadeth & Testament